Singapore-to-Tokyo: AnyWay We Can

Singapore-to-Tokyo: AnyWay We Can

The plan was simple - Rugby journalists and friends Jason and Gift cycle through numerous South East Asian Rugby clubs, communities and charities on the way through to the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. But from the outset, this journey instantly turned into the most unpredictable and exciting six weeks of their lives.

Raw, rugged and regularly hilarious, these two very different personalities will go the extra mile for their dreams, their sport and each other.

Follow the adventures of Jason and Gift through this unique 7-episode documentary series.

Singapore-to-Tokyo: AnyWay We Can

7 Videos

  • S2T: Episode 1 - Crack This Life Wide Open

    Singapore to Johor Bahru (Malaysia)
    Featuring - Tanglin Rugby Club, The Centaurs Group, The Singapore Valkyries, The Singaporean Nigerian Community, The Iskandar Pirates, Bangkok International Tens and Leisure Farm
    Time - 22.14

  • S2T: Episode 2 - The Heaven and Hell to KL

    Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
    Time - 19.48

  • S2T: Episode 3 - Sawadee Khrap

    Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Phuket (Thailand)
    Featuring - The Asian Centre Foundation, The Phuket International Tens, The Phuket Vagabonds, The Bangers on Bikes
    Time - 20.14

  • S2T: Episode 4 - Banged Up

    Phuket to Bangkok (Thailand)
    Featuring - The Nak Suu Academy, The Bangkok Bangers, The Bangkok International Tens.
    Time - 21.31

  • S2T: Episode 5 - A Force For Good

    Bangkok (Thailand) to Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
    Featuring - Kampuchea Balopp and the Singapore Valkyries
    Time - 23.52

  • S2T: Episode 6 - Get Out!

    Phnom Penh (Cambodia) to Ho Chi Min City / Saigon (Vietnam)
    Featuring - Kampuchea Balopp and The Saigon Geckos
    Time - 20.48

  • S2T: Episode 7 - Mates In Rugby

    Saigon (Vietnam) to Tokyo (Japan)
    Featuring - The 2019 Rugby World Cup, England vs USA and Australia vs Wales
    Time - 22.40