Street Dreams - feature presentation

Street Dreams - feature presentation

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Their Bodies may belong to others, but their dreams are still their own.

Street Dreams follows the hopes and dreams of poor South East Asian girls as they make the journey from their poverty-stricken backgrounds into sex bars and brothels, finding themselves at the crossroads of freedom. Through in-depth, heart breaking interviews and undercover footage, Street Dreams takes its audience to the coal face of this billion dollar sex industry - an industry where rich tourists pay with money and the poor local girls pay with their very lives.

This 60-minute documentary also features ordinary, everyday people who come alongside the girls in attempts to save them from this terrible hell, including:

-- An anti trafficking group that pretends to be sex tourists to rescue underage sex workers,
-- A human rights singer/song-writer who films her first video clip in a working Filipino brothel with one of its workers.
-- Davy, the Cambodian counselor whose desire it is to save her country from the “white devils” that prowl on the young girls she sees every day.

When you add to these elements a strong visual style, input from internationally renowned ex-sex traffic victim Chong Kim and some slick story-telling, Street Dreams is an engaging benchmark documentary on the growing issue of human trafficking and the sex industry.

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Street Dreams - feature presentation

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  • Street Dreams

    Street Dreams explores the world of girls trafficked into the South East Asian sex trade, and those trying to save them. Through interviews, hidden camera footage and input from those working on the edge, Street Dreams is a raw and gripping look at the hopes and dreams of those struggling to free...